What's In a Name?

The road to creating Together, the latest series by Brad Oldham for Pure Sculpture, is paved with many inspirations and an important mission. Portraying a striking moment between two lions, this bronze sculpture is the result of a unique collaboration between Oldham and conservationists, photographers and filmmakers Beverly and Dereck Joubert in support of the National Geographic Big Cats Initiative.

Photograph by Beverly Joubert/National Geographic Society

Initially, it was the beautiful way that the Jouberts work together that inspired the sculpture’s title. Oldham also works with his wife Christy Coltrin, and the closeness of these relationships and resulting works intrigued him. As Oldham sculpted the life-sized bronze sculpture (installed at the National Geographic Washington, D.C. headquarters in June 2013) the title continued to resonate with him. Each element of this sculpture’s story represents a significant relationship.

Together celebrates the awe-inspiring magnificence of lions and emphasizes the need to ensure that lions thrive in their natural habitat, far from the threat of extinction. The creation of this series is rooted in collaboration and partnerships all dedicated to protecting big cats. The help of passionate people, companies, and organizations is also required, as we all work Together to make a difference.

Together Desktop by Brad Oldham for Pure Sculpture