Dallas Morning News + A Special Visit

Pure Sculpture is always over-the-moon when a publication takes notice of our commitment to three-dimensional sculpture, our love of collaborating with amazing artists and our passion for transforming the fine art sculpture buying process. So, you can imagine our glee when a superb article about Pure Sculpture leads to a new relationship with sculpture collectors that share our same passion. Thanks to this article in the Dallas Morning News by writer, Christopher Wynn, we had the pleasure of a visit from Dick & Jacqueline Grote at the Pure Sculpture studio.
Dick & Jacqueline Grote at the Pure Sculpture studio with Sweet Carrot
Intrigued by the Pure Sculpture mission and our artworks, in particular the upcoming Wild Crops Series, Mr. and Mrs. Grote knew they wanted to learn more about us. After a visit to our website, where they read all of our books about the PS Editions, they scheduled a visit. Upon their arrival, they met artist and co-founder Brad Oldham who gave them a personal tour of our facilities, gaining a firsthand view of our sculpture creation process. Delighted by the whimsy and grace of our Wild Crops sculptures, they have already picked out a special place in their home for Sweet Carrot

It was a splendid visit and one that Pure Sculpture will always remember. At Pure Sculpture, we don’t think there is anything quite like the extraordinary experience of interacting with art and we love opportunities to share that with the community. Thanks for the great visit Dick and Jacqueline, we hope you visit again and we can’t wait to make Sweet Carrot apart of your home!

And of course, thank you to the Dallas Morning News and Christopher Wynn.