Amazing Surfaces

So you've finally purchased that Pure Sculpture Edition that you've been eyeing for months...
1. Congrats on joining the Pure Sculpture community!
2. Congrats on embracing a design truth : sculpture elevates any room!
3. Your sculpture deserves a gorgeous surface to call home!

Amazing Surfaces is our answer to the surface hunt. We love gorgeous tables and handsome shelves paired with our superbly crafted sculptures. Marble, mirrored, maple, oh my! So many choices (thankfully we've got plenty of sculpture to keep up with all of your surfaces). So, let's find a great a table to go with your beloved Pure Sculpture work. And since we live by the motto...because life is not flat, we think it's fitting to start with some bold and beautiful choices.

1. Chrome Trim Burl Credenza
2. Bagues Style Faux-Bamboo Table
3. Pair of Commodes All in Mirror, with Two Drawers
4. Copper Skin Series Red Cabinet

What are your favorite surfaces for displaying your Pure Sculpture Edition? We'd love to see photos of your sculpture in your home. Just send us a note!