Meet the Bipartisan Collection

It's Election Day! We hope you're taking a moment to reflect on the various ways you can make a contribution towards improving our country and another moment to appreciate the wonderful freedoms and civil rights that United States citizenship affords us.

Now that you've done those things, we'd like to introduce you to our newest series, inspired and created during the 2012 election season to celebrate the many ways our political views make us different, while also exploring the idea that deep down, we're more alike than we may think. Meet the Bipartisan Collection by Brad Oldham for Pure Sculpture.

Bipartisan Presidential Series
The Bipartisan Presidential Series pairs a bright nickel-plated bronze donkey and elephant sculpture. Each pair of sculptures arrives in a handmade wood and leather trunk that is personalized to the individual recipient. Each custom-designed trunk will house Uno the Donkey alongside Uno the Elephant in true bipartisan fashion. The same holds true for Slide the Donkey and Slide the Elephant as well as the two Giggles sculptures. In addition to storage trunks, the Bipartisan Presidential Series includes an artist-signed and personalized to the recipient edition of the Bipartisan Collection book. The edition size of 44 in the Bipartisan Presidential Series is restricted to the number of presidents in our country's history at time of casting.

Bipartisan Senate Series

The Senate Series sculptures arrive individually packaged in a custom wood box. These bronze elephant sculptures feature a proprietary hand-finished red party patina and the bronze donkey sculpture boast a blue party patina finish. The Bipartisan Collection book is included along with the artist-signed Certificate of Authenticity. The edition size of the Senate Series is 100, in reference to the number of members in the U.S. Senate.

To hear more about the Bipartisan Collection, watch this video with the artist, Brad Oldham.